About Ecobob Builder-Talk

Ecobob is a platform specifically developed to make eco friendly living easy and accessible for all walks of life. If you are looking for inspiration, information and eco home products and services, Ecobob has got you covered.

Visiting Ecobob.co.nz means having access to relevant and up to date information on the ever changing, ever expanding world of eco homes, zero energy homes and high performance homes.

At Ecobob, we believe that owning or living in an eco home shouldn’t affect your ability to enjoy the creature comforts of luxurious living, in fact quite the opposite. Present day eco homes offer the latest environmentally sound technologies coupled with state of the art architecture completed with small-scale renewable energy generation. This allows occupants to enjoy power on their own terms, free from constant, expensive monthly power bills.  

Ecobob makes it easy for like-minded individuals to engage in environmentally conscious practices by having up to date, practical information at their fingertips.

Online Tools That Ecobob Offers:

Ecobob’s Exclusive 3 Free Eco Quotes

Building and renovating is tough work: Ecobob makes the process easier and faster for your convenience.

Ecobobs 3 Free Eco Quotes online service is provided to efficiently find the eco features required for your new build or home renovation.

Simply select the eco home product you require and ecobob will promptly connect you with 3 reputable suppliers that service your immediate area/location.

Eco Homes for Sale

At Ecobob.co.nz you’ll find a dedicated section of eco homes for sale around New Zealand. Ecobob has the largest list of pre built eco-friendly homes for sale in New Zealand, for those who’d rather buy an existing eco house.

Individuals and companies can upload their house details and photos to profile and market their eco houses for sale.

Example Eco Homes

Ecobob has a searchable list of eco homes that provide examples to draw inspiration from.

You can browse the eco homes by category: solar hot water, rainwater collection, environmentally friendly insulation and other environmentally friendly features to see what works best for other New Zealanders.

Individuals and companies can upload their own eco homes to profile and help others to see great examples of eco homes in New Zealand.

Eco House Plans & Packages

When considering your eco build requirements, such as budget and aesthetics, ecobob can provide the solution in the form of a variety of online eco house plans. Your home doesn’t need to be architecturally designed to enjoy eco home benefits like reduced energy costs and healthier living environments. Many New Zealand building companies have developed eco house plans that you can see here, conveniently all in the one place.

Business Directory 

Searching for or selling goods and services for all things sustainable has never been easier. The Ecobob business directory lists a large selection of products and services. From eco homes through to LED lighting, eco architects to solar power installers, Ecobob’s business directory makes browsing for what your after easy.

Eco Living Information

Ecobob.co.nz provides access to a large range of articles on eco living, information on electric vehicles, recycling / composting and eco house design. The articles can be found and searched by keyword or by category. 

Eco Community

Ecobob encourages smart initiatives when it comes to all things eco, and what better way for like-minded people to connect than through a friendly online community.

Ecobobs online borderless community consists of an forum where users can post and reply to topics that they have started, wish to comment on, or perhaps debate a relative eco issue.


Who We Are

Ecobob has a small but professional team of eco passionate people working hard behind the scenes to advocate and report all things that encapsulate environmentally friendly living.

The Ecobob team is dedicated to a sustainable future, for everyone. Ecobob believes that sustainable living is attainable for all manner of budgets without sacrificing the comforts of modern life.

Motivation for the Ecobob team is not hard to come by, what with the declining state of the environment and the stubbornness to collectively move forward by a mass population.

At Ecobob, we feel it is our duty to alter people’s perception on how modern life can be lived and enjoyed. We feel luxury and convenience shouldn’t be compromised in the search for eco living, in fact some of the most luxurious homes being built in New Zealand right now are eco friendly builds.

Ecobob wishes to smash the preconception that Ecohomes are strictly for the high end consumer, eco homes are realistically affordable right now, so stop dreaming and start planning. Ecobob offers unbiased, honest opinions and is right along side you to help wherever we can.

History of Ecobob

Ecobob was born with the intention of bringing sustainable living ideas and practices to all New Zealanders. Carlin Archer was responsible for the first incarnation of Ecobob and through various incarnations and owners www.ecobob.co.nz continues to highlight the challenge facing New Zealand as we move farther away from our nations green image, the hope was that Ecobob could plant that seed of sustainability into the hearts of everyday New Zealanders.

Ecobob is commited to promoting all things eco and sustainable and strongly believes that 'eco' or 'sustainable' homes and buildings should just become the new normal. Simple design and clever use of earths resources make sustainable building a simple possibility with a bit of effort.