Cool Concept!

Cool Concept!

Posted by Nino Kozlevcar on 25th Mar 2021

Cool Concept!


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: Rain Water Collection, Solar Hot Water, Hydro / Water Power, Passive Solar, Insulation, Heat Pump, Solar Power (photovoltaic), Heat Pump Water Heater, New Windows & Doors, Ventilation System, Electric Car Charging Station

Eco Features

Rain Water Collection

Solar Hot Water

Hydro / Water Power

Passive Solar


Heat Pump

Heat Pump Water Heater

Solar Power (photovoltaic)

New Windows & Doors

Ventilation System

Electric Car Charging Station

Home Details


Property Type

Floor Area


3 bedroom(s), 2 bathroom(s)


140 m²

Price on enquiry

Seller Details

Nino Kozlevcar

021 163 6833

Here is something about me:
My name is Nino. European trained architect, passionate about exciting architecture that is also high-performance, passive and smart.
With many years of experience with SIPs (Structural insulated panels) in NZ, also working for the largest supplier of SIPs in NZ, Formance, I see a great opportunity for SIPs to be used on your next project.

Working for Formance for 5 years as a Design Support Manager, we created a Formance Design Guide, country wide accepted standard for designing with Formance panels. If you are looking for someone to design your High-Performance home efficiently, cost-effectively and looking great, please do get in touch.

Something about the coming pre-designed plans:
I would like to tell you more about the service you can expect from - KOZLEVCHARCHITECTURE

In the first instance we offer full architectural service for your home, focusing on delivering high-performance and exciting architecture tailored for your family.

Secondly Vila is setting new standards in architecture in NZ and this needs to happen on a greater scale. Pre-Designed options should help getting the word out that anyone should be able to afford a comfortable home.

For a range of Architectural Services and Pre Designed plans contact our website - KOZLEVCHARCHITECTURE all with a range of Eco Features.