Daikin Air Purifer Product Review

Daikin Air Purifer Product Review

Posted by Ecobob on 22nd Dec 2020

Air purifiers, they have been around for sometime now and while some swear by them, others disregard them as junk. Personally, I suffer from multiple allergies, a full blown Millhouse if you will. So when the

Air purifiers, they have been around for sometime now and while some swear by them, others disregard them as junk. Personally, I suffer from multiple allergies, a full blown Millhouse if you will. So when the fine folks at Daikin offered up the chance to test drive one of there machines, I was right on board.

I'm not going to get too carried with specifications, science and rambling through facts and figures, there is plenty of that available on the internet. What I'm shooting for here is a brief yet concise account of how the machine effected my health.

Over the span of 4 months, January through to April, I placed the Daikin MC70LPVM machine on for approximately half the day, as prescribed, and took notes on the effects, or lack of effects, that the machine had on my health and subsequent well being.

Now, keeping in mind that the months of January/February are two of the peskier months in regards to classic New Zealand allergies, the subsequent months do taper off. I was really looking forward to some much needed relief at the start of this year, but I was dubious.

Could a machine really help clear the air of allergens and re-freshen the air? I'm not going to beat around the bush, it really does work. For the first two weeks of the test I'll be honest and say that I wasn't sold on it, I could notice a smell, not displeasing but it was reminiscent of a hospital. Other than that smell, my allergy's were still nagging away like usual.


Come week three, there was a change. I'm not sure why, but there was a really noticeable difference in the room where the machine was set up (the lounge). You could leave the room and almost immediately feel a different sort of air pressure in other rooms, literally as if the air wasn't as fresh and it had a weighty feel to it. My sinuses and nasal passages were noticeably clearer; being able to inhale through my nose was my first inkling that the folks at Daikin may well be onto something.

It should be noted that through the entire test period I was taking my usual prescribed dosage of two anti-histamines daily, inhalers and nasal steroids, so it's not like I went cold turkey and through caution to the wind. But despite all the medication I need to take, I still have trouble with breathing and dealing with allergens, and the machine greatly improved my health in the following areas:

- Ability to breath clearer
- Sleeping (no longer waking with headaches)
- Clearer lungs (The machine really cleared out my chest cavity, I'll spare the details, but I can assure you, it was not pretty)
- Reduced sensitivity to pollens and grass
- Itchy eyes, sore throats and coughing reduced

My partner, whom doesn't suffer from any allergy's, also made comments on the improved air flow in the room, and other parts of our home. She also mentioned that there was less dust accumulation on our wooden floors, which was also a bonus, cleaning the dust of the floor is a weekly occurrence in our household, and not one we enjoy by any means. So having the machine cut the dust build up down to about 50% of what it was prior to using the machine, is pretty impressive.

So there you have it, a brief and un-biased rundown of how the Daikin (model number #MC70LPVM) works in New Zealand's varied climates for allergy sufferers such as I. Is it a worthwhile purchase? Debatable, if you have the budget I would jump at it: anything to improve quality of life is a worthy investment. If you don't have the budget, not all is lost. This machine isn't a game changer, but it does work and it does help alleviate some of my ongoing health concerns.

I'd like to mention that this is the only model I tested, so I can't vouch for any other air purifiers on the market, this run down is simply for the Daiken MC70LPVM. It ran smooth, and it ran quite, very quite, so there were no issues with annoying humming or mechanical shuttering and so on. Feel free to comment below, it would be great to hear how your experiences with this model have gone, or in fact any air purifier, to gauge the benefits or lack there of.