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Allflow Equipment & Wastewater is located in the Nelson/Tasman region. With field experience within the team since 1977, it has seen the need to supply quality Commercial and Domestic wastewater solutions.

The ‘new to NZ’ Allflow German Wastewater systems are focused on quality and energy efficiently for long term customer satisfaction.

The energy cost for a standard 10 person system running at full capacity is $12 - $15 per person/year!

There are further savings that can be made with this smart innovative, but simple German system e.g. a working couple away during the day – the system will shut down after the treatment cycle is finished until it detects enough inflow to start the process again. Away for the weekend – the system will automatically go into holiday mode until you start using the toilets or laundry again. Massive energy savings without you having to do anything!

Here at Allflow, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and with the expertise of our trained team, we provide solutions to many and varied problems that our customers encounter. We look forward to your call.