Two Storey Urban - Greenhaven

Two Storey Urban - Greenhaven

Posted by BigCommerce on 25th Mar 2021

Two Storey Urban - Greenhaven: Rain Water Collection, Solar Hot Water, Passive Solar, Insulation, Greywater Recycling, Double Glazing, Solar Power (photovoltaic), New Windows & Doors, Ventilation System, Low VOC Paints & Finishes and Hot Water Radiator.

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Eco Features

Rain Water Collection

Solar Hot Water

Passive Solar


Greywater Recycling

Double Glazing

Solar Power (photovoltaic)

New Windows & Doors

Ventilation System

Low VOC Paints & Finishes

Hot Water Radiator

Home Details


Property Type

Floor Area



3 bedroom(s), 2 bathroom(s)


139 m²

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Looking for an affordable, architectually designed modular home?

Greenhaven eco homes are built with premium quality, sustainable products and designed for maximum energy efficiency. They are modern, light and efficient, making the best use of available space to provide New Zealand families with warmer, drier, healthier homes with good natural light.

Greenhaven eco homes come with a Halo 10-year residential guarantee insurance as standard, exclusive to members of the NZ Certified Builders Association.

Archtiectural Design at the Core

With clever, architectural design at the core, your passive home costs less to run. Careful consideration has gone into the placement of windows and insulation to reduce the amount of energy required to heat your home.

Sustainable Living

We use FSC rated sustainably farmed timbers, LED lighting, low VOC paints and include the latest eco-friendly options wherever possible, better for the environment. Designed with cleaner, more breathable air, it's also better for you and your family.

Greenhaven Homes are:

  • AFFORDABLE – Smart floor plans with few hallways and waste space enables a smaller overall house area at a competitive initial cost.
  • DURABLE – Built for NZ's coastal environment with a minimum of maintenance required.
  • STRONG – The primary structural material (wood) is a proven performer and the latest wind and earthquake resistant bracing systems are utilised.
  • SUSTAINABLE – We use materials and process's that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient throughout each homes life cycle, from siting to design, construction and operation. Wood especially is abundant, renewable and carbon neutral.
  • COMFORTABLE – Various proven energy efficient design features and products as detailed in our typical specifications section ensure healthy and comfortable living for the lifetime of each home.

Seller Details

Todd Strode-Penny

021 582 631