What is a Sustainable House?

What is a Sustainable House?

Posted by Builder-talk on 18th Dec 2020

Selected Features of a Sustainable House

  1. Conservatory for winter heating with shade blinds for summer heat control (passive solar design)
  2. Generous eaves to the north to minimize sun penetration during summer (passive solar design)
  3. Concrete wall to provide thermal mass for heat storage (passive solar design)
  4. Double glazed joinery (to minimise heat loss)
  5. Solar hot water panels to reduce energy consumption
  6. Breathable walls to help control interior condensation
  7. Locally made bricks to minimise embodied energy content
  8. Plantation grown renewable timber
  9. Minimal earthworks by designing the house to follow the contours of the land
  10. Permeable paving to driveway to minimise impermeable areas
  11. Water tank for rainwater collection
  12. On-site wastewater treatment and dispersal (for rural and semi-rural sites)
  13. Surface water from drive to garden for absorption
  14. Grey water recycling (collection and re-use)
  15. Photovoltaic solar panels for electricity generation

Interior: Use of natural (or low VOC) paints, carpet free floors - careful electrical wiring to minimise electromagnetic fields. Modular design dimensions to minimise waste. Roof and wall insulation exceeding minimum requirements. Approved woodburner fireplace with wetback for efficient space and water heating.

A New Zealand Sustainable Home Example

Future Homes won the 2008 Master Builders DBH Best Sustainability Award less than $500K & Pink Batts Energy Efficiency Awards.

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